Iran Earthquake Injures 70

A moderate earthquake shook southeastern Iran Sunday morning, slightly injuring more than 70 people, state radio reported.

The magnitude 5.2 quake hit near Zarand, 600 miles southeast of Tehran. The radio report said rescue teams were deployed.

CountryWatch : Iran

Zarand Gov. Hasan Rahamani told the radio panic struck when the quake hit, damaging some buildings.

"People poured into the streets out of fear. Unfortunately the quake damaged some buildings. It knocked down walls and some roads were also damaged," Rahamani said.

He said most of those hurt were treated for minor injuries and released from the hospital.

In February 2005, at least 612 people were killed and more than 1,400 injured by a magnitude 6.4 quake in Zarand. Several surrounding villages were leveled and thousands left homeless.

In March, three earthquakes and nine aftershocks struck western Iran in quick succession, killing at least 70 people and injuring about 1,200. Iran is located on several seismic fault lines and at least one slight tremor is felt each day.