If you ever wondered whether it was worth all the trouble to keep Iran from getting a nuke, look at the news today.

When Hezbollah attacks Israel — or attacks anybody — it is Iran that is really doing the attacking.

If Iran can get the world to the brink of a war with just a few conventional explosives, a militia of irregulars and some suicide bombers, think what they could do with a real nuke.

Iran is attacking Israel, but it is really attacking us. That's because it knows that the U.S. will come to Israel's aid if things get really rough and eventually any Iran-Israel clash will get very rough.

So then the U.S. would have to decide about entering the fray in some way and Iran then has what it wants: a direct confrontation with the "Great Satan."

Some people like to see the situation as a grouping of separates: The U.S. has a War on Terror, and Israel has a war with Hezbollah and Hamas, and Iran is threatening from a distance.

No, Iran is the puppeteer here pulling the strings and causing trouble.

You might find some experts to disagree with me. You'll definitely find a few experts who agree with me.

Whatever. The point is: Watch what happens. When the Iranians get nukes this ruckus we're witnessing today will look like a walk in the park. If the Iranians get their nuke which they can strap to their missiles, they can make good on their promise to remove Israel from the map and to bring the world economy to a standstill by blasting, or threatening, the Mideast oil fields.

It seems like a war between Israel and some terror groups. It's really a war by Iran on us.

That's My Word.

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