Iowa Man Celebrates 100th Birthday With Wings and Women at Hooters

If turning 100 doesn't win you the right to celebrate with busty waitresses in tight clothes, Iowa resident John Persinger can't imagine what does.

The centenarian rang in his entry into the triple digits at Hooters on Wednesday, according to a report by The Des Moines Register. His late wife Vi wouldn't have objected, since she was a regular with him at Hooters, the infamous chain known for the cleavage it serves up with beer and buffalo wings.

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The Register notes that Persinger is one of only a few thousand American men that are 100 or older.

"I don't know how I did it," Persinger told the newspaper. "Good living, I guess. A lot of good food. Steaks, fried potatoes."

The 120-pound World War II veteran and retired diesel mechanic lives alone in a one-bedroom house, according to the Register. His children and grandchildren look in on him often and help him with chores — but mostly he does his own cooking and housework.

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