Interview: Nowak 'Competitive, Determined, Energetic'

Troubled NASA shuttle astronaut and U.S. Navy Capt. Lisa Nowak said that, in the long run, her children would look at her astronaut career in "a very positive light," in a magazine interview last September.

Nowak was arrested earlier this week on charges that she tried to kidnap and murder a NASA engineer she believed was her rival for another space shuttle pilot's romantic attention.

The interview was conducted last September for Ladies Home Journal magazine.

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In the article, Nowak describes her childhood, her family and the risks of being first a Navy test pilot and later an astronaut. She described her husband, Richard, a NASA flight controller, and her three children as "supportive" of her astronaut career.

In the magazine Nowak says that she loved to compete as a child in sports and academics.

"Competitive, determined, energetic," Nowak told Ladies Home Journal. "Those are probably good words to describe me as a kid."

Nowak said that she didn't consider her job to be particularly dangerous or risky. "Actually, I'm more worried about driving on the highway," she said.

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