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JOHN GIBSON, HOST: It's the "Big Mystery": It's been exactly one week since a suburban mother of two disappeared from her home near Chicago. Lisa Stebic and her husband were in the middle of getting a divorce when she mysteriously vanished. Police say she was also looking for friendship on the Internet. So, is it foul play or simply a woman on the run? "Big Story" correspondent Douglas Kennedy spoke to one of the Stebic family members today.

DOUGLAS KENNEDY, BIG STORY CORRESPONDENT: Yeah, John, her family says she would never stay away from her kids this long. They say they believe something must have happened to her, and today police near Chicago fear they may be right.


KENNEDY (VOICE-OVER): She went on the Internet to find a workout partner. Now a suburban Chicago woman is missing for more than a week. Her family says it's unexplainable.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The family is extremely upset. We don't know what's happened to Lisa.

KENNEDY: 37-year-old Lisa Stebic disappeared from her Plainfield, Illinois, home last Monday. Since then, family and friends have been frantically searching for her, putting up flyers in stores and combing her neighborhood for any signs. Lisa has two small children and they say it's out of character for her to go off on her own.

MELANIE GREENBERG, MISSING MOM'S COUSIN: This is not like her. She would never leave her children. She worked as a lunch lady at a cafeteria specifically so that she could be home for her children every day after school. So it's incomprehensible to us that she would have, you know, would have just left.

KENNEDY: Late last week police confiscated Lisa's computer, examining a post she made looking for a running partner. Plainfield Police say they have no evidence of foul play, but they suspect it.

CHIEF DONALD BENNETT, PLAINFIELD POLICE: Well, it certainly is there. You know, it's something that unfortunately has been happening more and more throughout this country and you can't take that — that you have to suspect that, you know, something unfortunately has happened to her.

KENNEDY: Lisa and her husband, Craig, had begun divorce proceedings in January, but continued to live together. Police have been called to the home recently about a heated argument between the couple, but police and family say Craig is cooperating in the search.

GREENBERG: We just can't speculate right now because we just don't know. We're letting the police do their work and continue their investigation and we're just hopeful that someone will call in with some information that will lead them to finding Lisa and bringing her home safely to us.

KENNEDY: In a recent interview from their home, Craig made his own plea for his wife to come home.

CRAIG STEBIC, MISSING MOM'S HUSBAND: If you're out there, make a phone call to the kids or the police department and let everybody know you're all right — or your sisters or anybody.


KENNEDY: Family members have now set up a Web site at findlisastebic.com. They are asking everyone to look at Lisa's pictures there to see if anyone might have spotted her. They are obviously, John, hoping they can do anything they can to find her.

GIBSON: Douglas, the husband is cooperating with the police. At this moment, he's not under suspicion?

KENNEDY: At the moment, he is not under suspicion. They say he's providing the computer; he's giving them everything they've asked for so far.

GIBSON: What about this thing about...

KENNEDY: He did have an arrest recently for arms, some sort of gun violation. So that obviously shifts their focus and some of the family's focus to him, but...

GIBSON: But what about this business of posting a notice on the Internet that you're looking for a running partner? That seems strange. I mean, a woman her age probably knows people, right?

KENNEDY: You would think that is not the place you would find a running partner. The family member did tell me, her cousin said, hey, this was for a female running partner. She expressly asked for a female, so it wasn't sort of a dating situation.

GIBSON: Douglas Kennedy, thank you.

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