Internet Music Video Pits 'Giuliani Girl' Against 'Obama Girl'

From the makers of June's internet video hit "I Got a Crush on Obama," now comes the follow-up, a musical showdown between the first-run supporters for Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama and the latest additions, a group of fans for GOP contender Rudy Giuliani.

Click here to watch the video, "Debate '08: Obama Girl vs. Giuliani Girl."

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"We're going to take the primary and then defeat Giuliani," Obama Girl — 24-year-old Amber Lee Ettinger — sings dreamily to a hip-hop soundtrack. She also takes a few jabs at the former New York mayor, including: "Giuliani Girl, stop your fussin', at least Obama didn't marry his cousin" — a swipe at Giuliani's annulled marriage to his second cousin.

For her part, Giuliani Girl — model Adelina Kristina — sings Giuliani's praises: "I'm gonna be wife No. 4. He warms my globe just like Al Gore." She also praises Giuliani's crime-fighting skills.

In addition to political commentary, the video also features pillow fighting, revealing outfits and catty action between the two lead characters and their backup singer/dancers.

The online video is the next is a series of comedic, musical odes to several 2008 presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle that have popped up in various corners of the Internet.

"I Got a Crush on Obama," the first to gain wide notoriety, was written by 21-year-old Leah Kauffman, a student at Temple University, and 32-year-old New York City ad executive Ben Relles.

Both "Crush on Obama" and "Debate '08" come from the Web site

Click here to see the YouTube video of "I Got a Crush on Obama."