Inquest Witness: Princess Diana Saw Lover Dodi Dying

Diana, Princess of Wales saw her lover Dodi Fayed dying in front of her when she opened her eyes after their car crash, her inquest has been told.

The first member of the emergency services to reach the scene said the Princess muttered "My God" because she realised what was happening.

Policeman Sebastien Dorzee was passing the Pont de l'Alma Tunnel in Paris at 0.30am on August 31 1997, moments after the couple's Mercedes crashed, and was flagged down by passers-by.

In a series of statements to fellow police and French magistrates, which were read to the jury at the High Court in London, he told how he struggled to hold back a crowd of hostile paparazzi.

Describing the photographers as "vicious and repellent", he claimed that they repeatedly insulted him and argued with each other, one being overheard saying to another: "It's your fault."

Mr Dorzee said: "The Princess had half-turned round in relation to her initial position and her head was between the two front seats, facing sideways and she could see her boyfriend just in front of her," he said.

"She moved, her eyes were open, speaking to me in a foreign language.

"I think that she said 'My God' on seeing her boyfriend dying.

"At the same time she was rubbing her stomach, she must have been in pain.

"She turned her head towards the front of the car, saw the driver and then I think she had an even better realisation of what was happening. She became agitated.

"A few seconds later she looked at me. Then she put her head down again and closed her eyes."

The jury also heard from Mark Butt, who was a passenger in his friend Dr Frederic Mailliez's car as they came upon the crash scene.

He remembered passing a small blue or green car parked at the exit of the tunnel and a motorcycle making a U-turn to go back in.

But he added that initially there were only two or three people around the car, with the main group of paparazzi arriving only a few minutes later.