Inmates Escape When Prison Guard Goes to Bathroom Repeatedly From Stomach Virus

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If you’re a prison guard, chances are you don’t want to be caught on the job with a stomach virus, or more than just last night’s dinner might get away! A guard in the Philippines learned his lesson the hard way when seven of the inmates he was meant to watch escaped while he made several visits to the toilet. A local police chief explained, “Every time the guard went to the toilet, the prisoners took out a small saw and cut off the bars of their cell.” The guard and his superior have been suspended, which we can only assume gave each men a severe pain in the gut.

Have you ever been disrupted at work because a colleague smelled too…good? An employee of Detroit’s Planning Department is suing the city, citing her heightened sense of smell. Pointing to the Americans with Disabilities Act, Susan McBride claims her fragrant co-worker “plugged in a scented room deodorizer.” Overwhelmed by the combined scents, McBride says she had to go home sick.

A 72-year-old woman in Michigan is thankful for the unsolicited help of an unidentified jogger’s foot. A suspect allegedly stole the woman’s wallet and ran down a busy road. An “unknown woman jogger” put her foot in his path, tripping him. He threw the wallet as he fell, and the jogger continued her workout un-phased. The tireless thief attempted to flee on a bike, but police officers were able to stop him…thanks to the jogger’s well-placed foot.

In the market for a machete? Nigerians can now get machetes for half the price they’re used to. Apparently, politically motivated violence during elections rises demand for (and the price of) machetes. Now that elections are over, demand and prices for the weapon have dropped dramatically. Usman Masi, a Nigerian trader, said of the plunge in demand, “Before...general elections, I was selling a minimum of seven machetes daily but can hardly sell one a day now.”

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