Indonesian Woman Gives Birth to 15.2-Pound Baby

An Indonesian woman reportedly gave birth to a 15.2-pound baby boy on Monday, according to French news agency AFP.

The baby was born at a private maternity clinic on the outskirts of the Indonesian capital Jakarta, according to a nurse.

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The 37-year-old mother had gestational diabetes, which has been linked in some cases to heavier than normal babies. The baby was delivered by C-section and transferred to a Fatmawati, Indonesian hospital for repiratory problems.

In September, a 42-year-old Russian mother gave birth to a whopping 17-pound baby. Click here for that story

The average baby weight is about 7 pounds, according to international statistics. The Guinness Book of Records says the heaviest baby ever was born in the United States in 1879. It weighed 23.12 pounds and died 11 hours after birth.