Indonesian Police Identify Jakarta Bombing Suspects

Police publicly identified nine suspects Tuesday in the Aug. 5 attack on the Marriott Hotel in Jakarta (search) that killed 12 people and wounded nearly 150.

Lt. Gen. Erwin Mapasseng said six of the suspects were arrested between April and June, but confessed after the hotel bombing to having helped plan and finance the attack.

The other three were picked up in the days after the car bomb attack on suspicion of bringing the explosives used to Jakarta from Sumatra (search) island, Mapasseng said.

One of the suspects, Idris alias Jhoni Hendrawan, recruited alleged suicide bomber, Asmar Latin Sani, whose body parts were found among the debris of the Marriott blast, Mapasseng said. Hendrawan was also involved in last year's nightclub bombings on Bali (search) island that killed 202 people, he said.

Police blame both attacks on Jemaah Islamiyah, a terror network operating in Southeast Asia.

Another detainee, Toni Togar, allegedly robbed a bank and used the money to finance the hotel bombing, police said.

National police chief Gen Da'i Bachtiar first announced arrests of nine suspects in the Marriott attack Sunday, but didn't identify the men or provide details.

All were named on Tuesday.