Indiana Man Allegedly Kicks Girlfriend's Cat to Death After She Dumps Him

An Indiana man allegedly killed his girlfriend’s 6-week-old kitten in a fit of rage last week after she said she was leaving him, according to The Star Press.

Police told the Muncie, Ind., newspaper that they got a call just before 1 a.m. Aug. 27 about a woman carrying a small black kitten wrapped in a sheet.

She said her boyfriend, 21-year-old Zachariah White, was drunk and had been punching walls and the refrigerator after she told him she was ending their relationship.

When she asked him if he thought he was Muhammad Ali, White allegedly responded, "I'm not Muhammad Ali; I'm Zach White, the tight end for the Winchester Golden Falcons," according to the Star Press.

White then allegedly picked up the kitten, named Spot, and punted it into a ceiling fan. The cat was later euthanized.

White, who had a blood alcohol level of 0.089 when he was arrested, was charged with animal cruelty and public intoxication.

He was also charged with marijuana possession after cops found a bag of pot in his car, according to the paper.

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