Independence Day Extravaganza

First of all, happy July 4th weekend!

I'm sure many of you have plans to get away with the family and friends to celebrate our nation's independence. But, no matter where your travels may take you, understand and know the "FOX & Friends Weekend" Zone is with you!

We have a lot planned for the next four days — yes, Alisyn, Kiran and I will be hosting the next four days!

Shuttle: Discovery is scheduled to launch Saturday afternoon. Stay tuned starting tomorrow morning for all of the latest leading up to the launch with experts and astronauts on hand, including NASA Administrator Michael Griffin.

July 4th: America's singing cop, Danny Rodriguez, will be here to perform "America's Hymn." You won't want to miss this great tribute! Our own Bill McCuddy will be flying with the Blue Angels! Does Bill have the right stuff? Tune in and find out. Mike Morris from the American Chemistry Council will be on hand to talk "Fireworks, Behind the Big Bang." And if you love BBQ we will preview a new cookbook out on the market called "BBQ Sides/Cookbook." We are also working on getting the Marines to perform a close order drill for us which would be fantastic, and of course tributes to our military men and women from around the world will also be featured during the holiday.

Entertainment: Bill McCuddy previews both "Pirates of the Caribbean" and the new Stacey Keach film, "Desolation Canyon." It's a must -ee to start your summer movie picks!

Fitness: David Kirsch will tell you the best bike for you to buy.

Home: Want to know more about pavestones? Check out our Home Depot segment.

Of course there is much, much more — but you will have to tune into The Zone to be in the know!


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