In This World, the Dans Get All the Attention

Dan's on the warpath. And my friend Jay is on the unemployment line.

Same week. Weird, that's all.

Dan was once a superstar, and so was my friend Jay. Then Dan wasn't. And neither was Jay.

It happened fast for Dan. Much slower for Jay. Because it wasn't a big screw-up that did in Jay. But a new boss.

A new boss who didn't much flip over old Jay. The boss was young. Jay was not.

The boss had his people. And Jay wasn't one of them. And soon Jay wasn't invited to meetings. Or part of crucial trips.

Pretty soon, jay wasn't part of crucial anything. Less to do each day. Clearly aware that he probably didn't have a lot of days.

The writing was on the wall. And soon, you guessed it, Jay was on the street. Without anything near Dan's money. Or pension. Or security. Or reputation, good or bad.

I guess Dan can complain about being stiffed and feeling angry. It hurts. And he wants someone to pay.

My buddy Jay complains about being stiffed too, and feeling angry. It hurts. And Jay wants someone to pay.

The only difference is, in Dan's case, someone will. In Jay's case, no one will.

Because in this world, the Dans get all the attention. The tens of thousands more Jays never will.

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