Right now, in the press, rage is all the rage.

At The New York Times, Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich, who may be the same person since they both wear dresses, have columns on the anger-inducing McCain campaign. Dowd calls it "seamy," and whenever someone mentions Bill Ayers' name, Rich sees an increased risk of Obama's assassination. Meaning, if you think voter fraud is important, you probably also want to kill blacks.

Hey. True, a few nut bags in the GOP crowd shouted "terrorist" whenever Obama's name came up. But how does that compare to the insane froth found on the left? Christ, how many times have you heard President Bush called a "terrorist"? The angry left has referred to him as a Nazi so many times he now goose-steps instead of jogs.

You want to talk about hate speech? Go to any lefty protest. You'll see "Old Glory" remade with swastikas replacing stars.

And what of those ironic hipsters wearing "Saran Palin is a C-word" T-shirts in Philadelphia? When the media sees that, it's edgy. When I see it, it's just [BLEEP] destined for a lifetime manning the counter at Kinko's.

See? When the left calls people horrible names, it's nothing serious. When the right does it, though, it reflects a larger philosophy of hate. If you don't want to spoon Obama, you must be an Aryan Brother.

Look, the right knows Obama isn't a terrorist. He never tried to bomb the Pentagon. That was just a friend of his. Obama never said 9/11 happened because America's "chickens are coming home to roost." That was just his pastor. But we get it.

But the left realizes that if you want to silence a critic, call him racist or hateful, and the media nods.

Frankly, I'd say it makes them all worse than Hitler.

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