In Honor of Our Veterans

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I was going to say all this on Monday — the official Veterans Day, but events made that impossible. So I'm going to do it now. Otherwise it will be another year before I can say it again.

On Saturday, I was the master of ceremonies at a Veterans Day event in my town in New Jersey. A few thousand veterans and observers showed up at this small event — a large turnout.

One after another, veterans came up to me wanting to meet me and shake my hand because I'm on the Fox News Channel and they like us and watch us. I was very flattered, but I was also flabbergasted.

Here I was meeting Korean War veterans who held that peninsula against the red Chinese and finally chased them back into North Korea. Here I was meeting World War II veterans who fought in the jungles of the South Pacific, on the beaches of Normandy. Here I was meeting Vietnam vets who fought at Khe Sahn ... and 1,000 other tiny places where someone was waiting to kill them. Here I was meeting Gulf War veterans, vets of Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, Grenada and Panama …

And they were anxious to meet me?

It was a little like feeling the world was upside down. I like to think I work hard in this TV job. I like to think I help people understand what is going on, but believe me … it's nothing like facing somebody with a gun, or a whole army of somebodies with guns.

Our veterans have made a difference in the world. I was honored to be asked to participate in their day, and I thank them for what they have done.

And now they are doing it again. Does anybody think the Northern Alliance would be in Kabul tonight if Americans had not bombed the Taliban flat? And who's going to go in there to make sure one ethnic tribe doesn't massacre the other? Some American service member, that's who.

In this world, it's an American in uniform who gets something done that changes the world. The world owes them a debt of gratitude, but the world won't acknowledge that debt... So it's up to us to say thank you to our own.

So next Veterans Day, go out to the parade and wave a flag.

That's My Word.

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