Impotence Injections Send Men to Hospital

Several men seeking treatment at a Minnesota urology clinic for impotence ended up in the emergency room with painful complications, the Star Tribune reported.

Male patients who went to the Parnell Medical Group in Edina, Minn., were given “excessive doses of medication, which they injected at home, resulting in erections that lasted for several hours,” according to the newspaper.

Doctors interviewed by the Star Tribune said Parnell practitioners did not have the expertise to care for these men.

In an interview, Parnell’s clinic director, Brian Ahern said Parnell “changed hands last October, and that no problems have occurred since then.”

Ahern continued to say that Parnell hired a licensed urologist who will be the clinic’s new medical director, however, public documents show that physician, Dr. Bhupinder Singh, was recently disciplined by the state medical board for alcoholism.

Ahern said Singh was unavailable to comment.

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