Important News That al-Masri May Have Been Killed

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What potentially great news we woke up to as we rejiggered our show to stay on top of the rumored al-Masri killing. Richard Miniter, Col. Bill Cowan, and Col. David Hunt joined us. As usual we tried to end the show on an upbeat note by featuring Jack Ingram and his great song about divorce. The sleeper star guest today for my money was Alan Houston. The former NBA All-Star talked about being named father of the year and how to get involved in his father/son camps. Good to see a megastar pro is so grounded.

The ugly story of the day that has long legs is the Madam Palfrey scandal. She has an escort service which seems to focus on fantasy and happens to have a client list 10,000 names deep. If your name is on her list, your life as you know it is over. By Friday the list will go public if the feds don't back off this women. Can you say showdown?

Tomorrow John Stossel and much more including The Judge on FOX & Friends First.

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