Impact Player Partners Gala

It was great to be back in studio on Tuesday fresh off an amazing event in Sugarland, Texas.

Like many of you, I worry and think about the safety of our military men and women in harm's way each day. And Impact Player Partners helps the heroes and their families in every way you can imagine. I was able to meet about 50 decorated vets and it's always a thrill as I hosted their gala. Special thanks to Bill Shine for letting me attend. Go to www.Impact
for more information. They gave me their story and their vision of where the war is going and it's the perspective we really need. Think about it: We always talk with generals but what general ever sees action? He looks at maps and reports these men and women are on the frontlines. For example, what I learned was how many Iraqis are elated we are there. Why don't we hear about it? Because they are afraid of it being seen on camera, shaking a hand or offering help because they will then become an insurgent target.

Check out the photo essays from the event!

It was a fine diverse program today and I hoped you enjoyed it. I have a job for you and it comes from Tiki Barber. He needs new music suggestions for his animated Tuesday introduction. is the place to enter and, keep in mind, we are trying to gradually harden his image as the football season comes closer. By the way, football fans, Tiki says practice is going great and the Giants already look ready!

Tiki, Kiran and I were graced with another legend: Dominique Wilkins and his message is sound. Attention athletes: there is life beyond sports and you better be ready, whether it's after college or after a 15-year pro career — at one point you have to have a plan. Wilkins had a plan, saved his money and is now part owner of the anemic Hawks.

As promised, I have to relay a secret from former Major League stopper Goose Gossage. He pitched so long because he "long tossed." He did it everyday in the outfield and he pitched for nine teams for an incredible number of years. He also does not think we should be limiting little leaguers to two innings. He says: build up the arm through throwing, just do not pitch through pain.

I'm looking forward to finding out more about the Canadian terror plot and I hope we hear about a plan to bring order back to Baghdad and I wish that would be the focus from the White House — not gay marriage — but that's me.

Will you be watching the World Cup? Well, count me in and count "FOX & Friends" in because we have a FOX Soccer Channel reporter there for us and we'll be calling her name. Next up, Ozzie Smith and Fabio along with solid substance, big-time reporters, senators and hopefully you!

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Finally, as you know we did include Catherine Herridge's heart-wrenching story about her newborn son, Peter. She has made the courageous decision to give up portions of her liver so he can live. If you have a message to send her — as she undergoes an 11-hour operation — please send it to and she'll get it from us, we promise.