Illinois Family Sues Hospital That Lost Teen's Tumor

An Illinois family is suing a hospital claiming it lost a tumor removed from a teen before it could determine whether the tumor was cancerous, according to a report at

A lawsuit filed last week in Cook County Circuit Court on behalf of Kara Morris, of Highland Park, Ill., claims that Children's Memorial Hospital removed a tumor from Morris' thyroid in October 2006 and lost it before performing a biopsy.

Morris had the surgery in October 2006, according to a press release from her law firm. A week after the surgery, the family was told that the hospital lost the sample and that no determination could be made as to whether the tumor was cancerous, according to the report.

The family claims that it continues to stress over the incident and that the hospital’s negligence may affect Morris' ability to obtain health insurance in the future due to her unknown health status.

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