Illegals Don't Have Same Rights as Americans

Does America have a right to control its own borders?

You would think. After all, it just follows that if you are a country, one of the things you can and must do — at the bare minimum — is control your own borders.

So why do I get the feeling from the demonstrations Monday that the unspoken message is that we do not have the right to control our own borders? Instead, I'm getting the feeling the protestors are saying we have an obligation to leave the borders open as if the rights issue here were simply the rights of immigrants to enter the United States to make money.

I'm for immigrants coming to the country. I recognize that is our history. But I don't think we just have to leave the light on, as Tom Bodett says, and leave the door open.

I notice that when I go to other countries they want to sniff me over pretty good.

So how come the people coming here from Mexico and points south have a right to come in where there isn't a customs office open and doing business? And, once here, how come they have a right to stay and take for themselves all the rights and privileges and entitlements that Americans give themselves through the actions of their elected representatives?

And how come they're having this demonstration on May Day, the International Workers' Day, the old Socialist Workers' Holiday?

They didn't want to have this demonstration on Cinco de Mayo for obvious reasons. Whoa, can you imagine?

But why the very day the old Soviet Politburo would have military parades and promise to bury the West? Isn't this the day Chairman Mao would always proclaim another great leap forward?

I think Monday's demonstrators would have been better off protesting on Tuesday. May 2. Not May 1. Not May 5.

It would have been better. More American.

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