Illegal Immigration Offensive

Tuesday's show was really formatted by President Bush. When he decided to take over prime time, we let his message take over the morning. It seems that just as many of you were happy about his plan as were unhappy about his plan.

I could see Tony Snow's fingerprints on the president's prime-time presser because the teleprompter was backed up and he did seem more relaxed in the Oval Office. Personally, I wanted to see the president on his feet with a telestrator-friendly map outlining where the 6,000 National Guard will go and where the fence will be built. Maybe next time they will take my advice — after all I mentioned it Communications Director Nicole Wallace and she seemed gung ho, but in the end it was "no go."

"FOX & Friends First" — as usual — featured Tiki Barber and Kiran "New Mom" Chetry. Although Mia St. John was a little too easy on us in the fitness segment, I just loved all the others. From the Minuteman founder, Chris Simcox, who talked about his disappointment with the president's speech, to Richard Brookhiser, author of "What Would the Founders Do?" It's amazing to think that Washington had to deal with many immigration issues as it was to be reminded that Thomas Jefferson had to be confronted with terrorism in Northern Africa. Believe it or not, George Washington and Jefferson reacted almost the same way that President Bush reacted today.

Sounding off on "FOX & Friends" was Congressman Tom Tancredo — who saw little merit in the president's plan, which is not much of a surprise.

We closed the show with Chris Daughtry, a man that was forced off the most popular reality show in TV history, "American Idol." Each one of these finalists has shown little ego and a whole lot of appreciation for their overnight success.

We also did two segments over three hours on the Duke case and I have to say the latest defendant, David Evans, sounded very convincing in his denial that he was involved in any rape as he has been accused.

Thanks for keeping us No. 1 and for making the sweepstakes signup such a huge success! Hope you watch tomorrow, Thursday, Friday and everyday!


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