Illegal Immigration Debate Continues

What an exciting day!

Traffic was stopped as Secretary of State Dr. Rice visited our set to talk about the possibilities of any action against Iran coming out of the U.N. Security Council. The answer? Don't hold your breath.

Next, Neil Cavuto's dreams were realized when supermodel — and new Victoria's Secret model — Karolina Kurkova showed up to pitch a new fragrance for Mother's Day. I got the chance to try on a pair of those famous wings. She said the ones I put on were much smaller than the ones she has to wear on the runway. I don't know how she does it since it was tough not tipping over in this one! Very pretty and sweet woman.

On the immigration front: Thousands of you continue to e-mail that you want us to give you more information about the issue. Congress may get something passed to hold people accountable if they allow tunnels from Mexico to come out on their property. Immigration officials arrested four managers and 76 illegal workers at a home construction company in Kentucky. They'd been investigating it for a year. Since we learned that the hundreds of illegals arrested in the previous illegal employment raid were largely released back into our midst, many people expect the same to occur here. Is it just for show or will there be any real change? It will take more than a couple of raids to convince people it's more than just window dressing to pressure Congress to approve amnesty for illegal immigrants.

On Thursday, tennis legend Bille Jean King joins us and the top sniper in Iraq at the start of the war will tell us about that experience.

Have a wonderful and safe day,


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