If We Handled Mortgages Like We Do Microwaves, We'd Never Have This Housing Crisis

If we handled mortgages like we do microwaves, we'd never have this housing crisis.

Because when Americans shop for microwaves, they really do their homework.

They compare brands and features, stores and prices.

And once they're ready to buy, they're really cooking.

Which I think makes them really remarkable.

Pity is, a lot of them don't do the same when buying the very home in which they put those microwaves.

Not all. Not even most. Just some.

Some who refuse to examine or compare the details of likely the biggest financial purchase of their lives.

I know legal documents are boring.

But so are microwave specs.

And plasma TV details.

And refrigerator features.

Yet for those things, we do everything to make sure we're making the right purchase.

I know, mortgage paperwork's a tad more involved.

As it should be, it's a tad more big deal.

That's why I say if you're spending that much, spend a little more on a lawyer who can tell you what you're signing.

That's just common sense.

Complaining to people afterwards and saying you were snookered is not.

Because, maybe you were snookered. Maybe you were hoodwinked.

And maybe you didn't know adjustable rates can adjust up, as well as down.

But they do.

I'm all for strapped homeowners going back to their lenders to work something out.

I'm not for them going to taxpayers to bail them out.

Because it's a free country.

Where we're free not to read the fine print.

And just as free to realize afterwards things aren't fine because we did not.

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