Identical Twins Diagnosed With Breast Cancer at 25

Leigh Baker and her identical twin sister, Nicola, have shared countless experiences through the years — but being diagnosed with breast cancer in their 20’s was not something they'd planned on sharing.

Leigh was diagnosed with the disease at age 25 and, six weeks later, Nicola suffered the same fate.

“I was so shocked I burst into tears,” Leigh told London’s Daily Mail. “The doctors told me that I had (Stage III) cancer which was aggressive, but it had already spread under my arm.”

Following the diagnosis, Leigh had a mastectomy as well as chemotherapy. At the same time, doctors recommended Nicola should be tested as well.

That’s when they discovered she had early stages of breast cancer. As a result, she also had a mastectomy but did not need chemotherapy. Now at the age of 27, both women are cancer-free and starting families.

Experts believe the case is the first of its kind in the U.K., according to the report.

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