I Think People Are Tuning Out the World

I don't know if this is a reflection on the economy, or the nasty politics, or the world.

But I think people are tuning out the world.

And tuning into something else.

Not just a few people. Thousands of them. Millions, actually. Like pod people... more to the point, iPod people.

At first you'd think they're just like us, until you get close.

And you see the tiny headphones.

Usually tiny white Apple headphones.

Virtually imperceptible.

And like I say, from a distance, totally invisible.

People like you and me, among us, but not with us.

Tuned out to us, tuned away from us.

They don't seem one bit distracted. They cross streets just fine. Heed approaching traffic just fine.

I guess, should someone scream, "rocket attack!!!," well, they'd not be so fine.

But I bet if the rocket hit, they'd at least go out with a pleasant tune.

Could be jazz, or rock, rap, or opera...but I suspect, what they choose to put in their ears beats the real world pounding always invading their ears.

Real world types say they're going deaf.

But nothing seems to be affecting their real world contributions.

They work. They go to school. I guess they eat. And have relationships. Have babies.

Have a good time...in volatile times...when all we hear is how awful things are.

And all they hear...is what they want to.

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