I Believe Energy Is the Issue of Our Times

I pound this energy issue because I believe it is the issue of our times.

It encompasses both our economic and national security.

The bottom line, folks, is this:

We depend on folks who don't much like us.

In fact, many of them hate us.

But they have profited mightily off us.

And our money.

Our pain at the pump is their grandeur in the desert.

I want you to think of that.

And I want you to see how enriching this twisted dependence on their oil has amassed their wealth.

Unheard of wealth.

Unimaginable castles and compounds.

A lifestyle that makes "The Great Gatsby" look like a great joke.

Only the joke's on us.

And we're the ones paying for the laughs.

Can you imagine, after the sword dances and hand-holding, what these guys must think of us behind closed doors?

I can only imagine.

And I can only wonder what they say of our hypocrisy: A nation that demands they churn out more oil to help us, but refuses to do the same back home to help ourselves.

A nation that bickers over the huge reserves we have here, apparently content with getting it from over there.

No wonder they think we're fools.

We are.

It is amazing to me that the greatest country on earth — I like to think blessed with the finest resources and brains on earth, squabble amongst ourselves, picking and choosing our energy options as if we were sorting out appetizers on a tasseled menu.

No wonder the waiter's snickering.

He already knows what we're going to order.

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