I'm no fan of bailouts for anyone — big financial firms that screwed up how they handled their money — big auto companies that now just can't make money.

For my money, a waste of money.

All our money.

But they're still bailing out all these guys.

So, if you can't beat them, how about demanding something for them?

How about, and here's a novel idea, attaching conditions to these rescues?

You know, the same conditions banks and auto companies attach to the loans they give us?

The most amazing thing to me in all these deals is how they're such sweetheart deals for the guys getting them.

Take the financial firms....I always thought it was a pre-condition to getting that dough that they had to lend that dough.

To me, that's like a "duh" for getting that dough.

Apparently it wasn't.

More like, "We'd hate to impose, and please understand this was only our wish, but would you pretty please be so kind, to lend the money we give you? You don't have to. And we don't mean to offend you, but if you could, if you're free, just a tad, when you can, again, when you're ready."

Nothing like the loans these guys give us where they all but demand your first born if you miss that first of the month payment.

So we're surprised to hear some banks have been buying back their own stock with that dough, or buying competitors with that dough? Or going to fancy spas with that dough???

Again, duh!

And with the auto companies, is it too much to ask that if we're not going to demand they return the money, they at least address why they lose so much money? Fixed union pensions and costs established decades ago when business was better and a lot more workers were paying in for those getting out?

No, if you think this Congress is going to demand accountability of unions as well as managers, forget it.

So I guess they take the money and run.

We write the checks and wonder.

We dutifully pay the bills they send us.

And will likely continue doing the same, now that they're being saved by us.

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