Hussein's Henchmen: Is Saddam Still Calling the Shots?

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Faced with a growing insurgency and frequent attacks and ambushes on coalition troops, a group of U.S. and British politicians vowed on Wednesday to stay the course in Iraq -- one day after President Bush ensured Iraq won't slide back into hands of Saddam loyalists.

Attacks on coalition forces have been on the rise, and another U.S. soldier died overnight Wednesday after being wounded in one of two ambushes near Baghdad (search) Tuesday, the U.S. military said.

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw (search) said the Iraqi people, not coalition troops, are the ones most hurt from attacks by Saddam loyalists. He promised the insurgents would never dissuade the coalition from its mission.

Hussein's henchmen: Is Saddam still calling the shots?

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I think behind the scenes Saddam is financing and supporting the killing off of our troops. He apparantly has the money to do it and his supporters , I feel are more than willing to do so. He may not be in power but his hatred of the U.S. shows through his goons and thier actions.

No Saddam is not still calling the shots!  These terrorists attacking our forces are Islamicterrorists, schooled by clerics of Isalm (ref. the mosques).  They are hit and run crud and sneaks with an agenda to cause morale problems to hurt our troops (it is no fun to hear or anticipate a bullet comming right at you)...
Bobby G.

Yes I feel that Sadam is still calling the shots. He is still alive so until we get him none of this chit is going to stop. If he did not have any WMD he would not have left town.

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