Hurricanes Happened When the Globe Wasn't Warm

Many of you have been wondering where the Hurricanes Katrina and Rita came from.

Did they or did they not come out of that stormy sea we know as global warming (search)?

I must say, I have no basic quarrel with the concept. We do burn a lot of fossil fuels and since they warm my house, I guess they must warm the planet.

I know about the evidence. Every time one of our weather people tells me the waters in the Gulf are 90 degrees I think, "That seems a bit hot for the open ocean, doesn't it?"

Well I may wonder, but others are certain — dead certain.

For instance, Barbra Streisand (search), the singer.

Now she's announcing that Rita and Katrina prove that we're in a global warning crisis and we must do something.

As my pal Matt Drudge (search) pointed out, Streisand evidently failed to notice 11 Category 5 hurricanes that have blasted our southern coasts just during her own lifetime.

I know Ms. Streisand has a new recording of duets with Barry Gibb (search) to promote and so she finds herself being interviewed and the temptation must be great to say just anything that pops into her head. But she might want to calm down.

Maybe this is a result of global warming in some way or another but if it is, it will be helpful to have a person of some scientific, even meteorological, credibility to bring us the announcement.

Earnest but loopy pop stars running their mouths just make people mad and put them out of the mood to hear the real deal when somebody of some credibility is ready to speak.

As for myself, I'm looking into the matter. I'll get back to you for sure.

But you should know that a few centuries of Category 5 hurricanes does not bode well for a theory that global warming has suddenly produced an outbreak of Category 5 hurricanes.

How did all the others happen when the globe wasn't warm?

That's My Word.

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