Ok, enough is enough. Your sex drive is WAY overrated. Or at least the importance placed on it is. Sure, sexual intercourse is nice. I won't lie to you. I certainly put it up there as one of the top 10 things you should do before you die. But, come on now! Look at the billions of dollars the pharmaceutical companies make convincing you that without a pornographic sex life you are less than a man. Even women are being targeted with such ad campaigns and products.

Now we read about the Peruvian Viagra--frog juice. Yes, some Andean cultures believe that frog juice can alleviate ailments such as asthma, sluggishness, and even low sex drive.

FROG JUICE?? You mean...you have to literally kill a frog, skin it, and throw it in a blender to increase your sex drive?? FROG JUICE?!?! I think I would prefer complete celibacy.

I questioned my own virility several years ago and much later realized the problem wasn't with the pilot, but with the plane. I now fly craft that eclipses the Stealth bomber, thank you very much, and am the happiest man on earth.

So...maybe part of the problem that no one ever wants to dare address is your sex drive may be affected by the partner you choose. I was never the kind of guy that could just get turned on by anyone remotely resembling a female. It took more than that for me. I never understood people who could just "do it" with anyone they met at a bar or other social gathering--complete strangers!!

Maybe our sex drives have higher standards than we do! Maybe our bodies are wired with higher expectations than we give ourselves credit for! Maybe we...gasp...have to connect with someone on more than just a physical level in order to have a fulfilling sex life! Your sex drive doesn't HAVE to be just carnal in origin. It can be--and don't laugh--a metaphysical experience! A good, healthy sex life transcends just the physical "going-through-the-motions" routine.

Think about all the men who have to use pornography before they suggest any sexual overture towards their wives or partners. WHY?? Why don't they find this excitement from the LADY IN THEIR LIFE?? If you have to look at a magazine or watch a movie in order to want to have intercourse with your partner...um...something is WRONG. This is one of the millions of warning signs that life gives us to advise us that something is HAS TO CHANGE.

So before you kill a frog or spend thousands of dollars on pills, take a look at the bigger picture. Maybe you need to reevaluate your situation and see what other factors need to be considered.

And remember the most important thing of all--your sex drive shouldn't be the dominating force in your relationship. If anything, your sex drive can be elevated and enhanced by all of the other circumstances of your relationship.

What would Kermit the Frog say?