How Far Will Democrats Go to Appease Left-Wing Bloggers?

If you are a Democrat, it is a nation dominated by left-wing Internet advocates.

Earlier this week, Senator Hillary Clinton posted a statement on a left-wing blog called The posting itself isn't controversial — it's about observance of Equal Pay Day. But as The Washington Post reported, it is her choice of Web sites that has even some Democrats upset.

Last summer, the same person who runs the Web site posted this photo of Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman in black face alongside Bill Clinton. It came at a time when left-wing Internet interests were attacking the senator during his primary run against Ned Lamont.

The Clinton campaign responded to concerns this week about the blogger named Jane Hamsher by saying that she had apologized for the photo and that the Clinton campaign was trying to reach people on a popular Web site.

But it is telling that this whole thing happened just days after the senator thanked the Rutgers University women's basketball team for standing up to Don Imus.

It is proof at just how far Democrats will go to appease the bloggers and radical left interests who are now running the Democratic Party.

And that's the State of America tonight.

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