How Does Far Left Still Support Chavez After Venezuela Protests?

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I'm wondering how the far left is feeling tonight about their love fest with Hugo Chavez, that stalwart pillar of the people.

Remember we're talking about the Hugo Chavez who has gotten ringing endorsements from Sean Penn, movie actor and political activist, and from Kevin Spacey, who just seemed to be spacey when he was with Hugo. Not to mention Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte and that dreadful model who throws cell phones at the help.

These people love Hugo. He's so smart, such a visionary, so bold.

OK, the last couple days there have been protests in Venezuela against Chavez shutting down various outlets of free speech and political debate.

Chavez has his "Chavezistas" out there in masks actually shooting at protestors. They're dressed in street clothes with bandana masks and pistolas blasting away in broad daylight, right in front of the cameras, as bold as can be.

Looking at the video I thought it was a gang shootout at first, except the gangsters with the guns all worked for the president of the country, and the people getting shot at didn't have guns to shoot back, and doubtless seemed surprised this was happening at all.

After all, you expect someone like Chavez to try to hide the bad things he does. When he actually does it out in front of everyone — everyone in his country, everyone in the world — you've got to say, "Wow, maybe this guy truly is bold."

He's the guy who gets caught and says who are you going to believe: me or your lying eyes?

And George Bush is the devil? George Bush is the one who leaves the smell of sulfur? "El azufre," Chavez said at the U.N.

How can anybody — even a left-wing nutjob — now voice any support at all for Hugo?

You watch, they will. And their reasoning is going to be amazing to hear.

That's My Word.

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