How Do You Spell 'Jail'?

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Cops busted two Maryland teens last week in a dastardly spelling scheme.

Anne Arundel County officials told The Capital of Annapolis that the pair had been stealing model-name letters off Volkswagen Passats (search), Jettas (search) and Golfs (search) in the Annapolis area in order to create their own nameplate: "FATT."

"We did something stupid — end of story," Scott Forsyth, 19, told a reporter from The Capital. "We're going to get in trouble for it."

Forsyth, of Arnold, and his pal Chris Aluise, also 19, of Glen Burnie, were arrested March 20 on a tip and charged with trespassing.

Inside the glove box of Aluise's green Chrysler were various Volkswagen fender letters, police said.

Volkswagen uses one slightly slanted typeface to create emblem plates on all its models.

"I don't drive a Jetta anymore; I drive a silver car," said Kimberly Stone of Cape St. Claire, whose car was among those hit. "It's very annoying. It's not like they were taken off cleanly. My paint is scratched, parts of the letters are still on."

"If the letters were just missing and it was a clean break, I'd laugh at it," Stone added.

At least seven other cars were similarly vandalized, but their owners declined comment.

Easter Bunny Beaten Up by Little Kid

BAY CITY, Mich. (AP) — The Easter Bunny is hopping mad.

Bryan Johnson, who portrays the furry character at the Bay City Mall (search), says he was pummeled in an unprovoked attack — by a 12-year-old boy who sat on Johnson's lap the day before the March 18 incident.

Johnson, 18, suffered a bloody nose. He kept his cool during the attack, deeming it inappropriate for the Easter Bunny to fight back. But he's not willing to forgive and forget.

"They [the sheriff's deputies] told me it was up to me, and I feel that the boy should be prosecuted," Johnson told The Bay City Times.

Johnson told Bay County Sheriff's deputies that the boy hit him in the face at least six times before running away.

Bay County Sheriff John E. Miller said the youth has been in trouble in the past. The case will be forwarded to the Bay County prosecutor's office next week for action, he said.

Johnson said his 12-year-old attacker seemed perfectly happy the day before the incident.

"Yeah, he came up and said, 'Hi,' and was sitting on my lap and talking," Johnson said. "He seemed OK."

But when he saw Johnson the next day, the boy didn't want to talk.

"He just started hitting," Johnson said.

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Cash-Filled Easter Eggs On the Loose

MANITOWOC, Wis. (AP) — The Salvation Army (search) was on an unusual Easter egg hunt this weekend, desperately searching for the person who bought toys that a family mistakenly donated before realizing a deceased grandmother had stuffed them full of cash.

Thrift Store manager Paul Kolb said a woman came into the store this month looking for plastic Easter eggs that had been among her grandmother's possessions, which the family donated after she passed away in January.

The woman had kept only one of her grandmother's possessions: her diary.

After flipping through it, she found out too late what a special Easter her grandmother had planned.

"Grandmother was planning for the Easter egg hunt of hunts," Kolb said. "The eggs this year were filled with cash instead of candy. She had carefully packed them full and recorded everything in her diary."

The woman, who did not want to be named, did not reveal how much cash was in the plastic eggs, but she told Kolb it was "a considerable amount."

He asked the person who purchased the eggs to return them to the original owner.

The finder is urged to call the Salvation Army Thrift Store at 1-(920)-684-9862.

On the Whole, I'd Rather Be in Philadelphia

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A young man loading baggage into an airplane in Milwaukee got locked in a cargo hold Friday and stayed there on a flight to Philadelphia, Midwest Airlines (search) officials said.

"He was in the process of securing a wheelchair, tying it down," airline spokeswoman Carol Skornicka said Friday night, "and they didn't see that he was still in there when they closed the door."

She said the man, whose name was not released, is a ramp agent who loads baggage and any other cargo that goes in the hold.

The cargo hold is heated and pressurized, so the unexpected trip to Philadelphia didn't hurt the man, Skornicka said.

"He knew where it was going," she said. "He tried to get somebody's attention, but it didn't work. When it landed, he jumped out of the airplane and asked for a cigarette, so he was a little stressed but he was fine."

He was flown back to Milwaukee, this time in the passenger compartment.

"He wanted to finish his shift," Skornicka said. "We told him he should go home and rest."

She said the airline would review the incident and procedures to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Pardon Me — Would You Have Any Grey Poupon?

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (AP) — A homeless man was arrested for allegedly stealing a 75-foot fishing boat from the Santa Barbara Harbor (search) and abandoning it on the beach at Vandenberg Air Force Base (search).

Donald Patrick Kelley, 41, who had a jar of Grey Poupon (search) from the boat's galley in his pocket, was arrested a quarter-mile from where the boat Conception was left Wednesday on the rocky beach.

The $1 million boat was stolen about early Wednesday and several other boats were damaged while the thief maneuvered out of the harbor. The boat's owner said it appeared the vessel could be salvaged.

Kelley was booked for investigation of grand theft of an item worth more than $100,000, a crime that could lead to four years in prison. Police said Kelley apparently acted alone.

Besides the mustard, Kelley was allegedly found with other items from the boat's galley, including a bottle of A-1 steak sauce and a box of tea.

Lawyer Will Take Sex in Lieu of Fees

ROUND ROCK, Texas (AP) — A school board member and prominent lawyer has been accused of offering legal services in exchange for sexual favors.

Steven C. Copenhaver, 56, was released from jail Thursday on a $750 bond.

An arrest affidavit said Copenhaver offered to represent a woman's husband if she and her sister-in-law would perform sex acts with him and each other.

"I am deeply apologetic to my family and friends," Copenhaver said in a statement Thursday. "I hope that all of them will support me during this difficult time. I intend to work through the legal process to get this behind me as soon as possible. Please keep me in your prayers."

Copenhaver, vice president of the Round Rock school board, has served 15 years during two stints on the board. He has practiced law for 20 years.

According to the warrant, Leigh Heavin called Copenhaver on Feb. 23 and asked if he could represent her husband in a criminal case. She told him that she did not have much money and asked if they could arrange a payment plan.

Copenhaver asked Heavin if she had any good-looking friends. He told her that he had fantasized about two women having sex together.

The next day, Copenhaver came to Heavin's apartment shortly after her sister-in-law, Malinda Tilley, had dropped in. Unknown to Copenhaver, Heavin's mental-health caseworker, her mother and her husband were in a back bedroom.

Copenhaver asked Tilley and Heavin to perform sexual favors for him. When the women asked "what they would get out of this," Copenhaver said he would represent Heavin's husband.

At that point, the caseworker and other family members emerged and called police.

John Romano, school board president, said he did not know how the arrest would affect Copenhaver's position on the seven-member board.

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