Hotel Heiress Paris Hilton Confined to Home in West Hollywood for Next 40 Days

If Paris Hilton finds herself longing for the 12-foot-by-8-foot cell in Century Regional Detention Facility that was her home for three days and nights, the hotel heiress probably won't have a hard time finding a cozy-yet-comfortable space to pass the 40 days remaining on her home confinement.

Somewhere in Prison Hilton — the 2,707-square-foot, four-bedroom, three-bath luxury hideout nestled on a tree-lined street in West Hollywood to which she's been "transferred" — the celebutante might find a hot tub or two of comparable size.

That's not to say she won't have tough times in the $2 million Mediterranean-style manse.

First, she'll have to deal with the ankle bracelet issue, which aside from a possible chafing risk, will limit her mobility around the compact grounds.

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In fact, she probably had greater opportunities to roam freely about the sprawling jail yard then she'll have in the relatively small grassy patch notched to the side of the cream-colored pocket-mansion.

And, unlike jail, Paris can pick her roommates for weekend sleepovers, or can choose a more luxurious solitary confinement, if she so chooses.

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