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Hey guys!

A police chase in California — please, please everyone just relax, I know it's shocking — cut into our show a bit; my apologies to the guests we'd booked. We are going to bring them back if it's possible on their end (and ours) on Friday. I'd like to keep my job, so I'm going to hold my tongue (another shocker) on this one. I'll let you rant...

"It never ceases to amaze me that you people are absolutely in love with showing car chases. The most recent chase being the stolen police vehicle in Palmdale, California. While the chase may present a problem in the Palmdale area, there are much more important issues to be covered for the nation as a whole. Please stick to your indicated show content unless the matter concerns a majority of Americans. Thanks.
P.S. The reason local news exists is to cover such matters as this chase — duh!"
—T. Stuart

I will say people tuning into the network more often than not are riveted by these chases. Do these chases deserve an entire show devoted to them? Again, I'm going to reserve my thoughts, as I'd like to be able to pay my bills. I'm with you, though.

By now you've heard about the 10th grader from Colorado — the kid who turned in his teacher, reportedly unwittingly. The teacher (who reportedly warns students he's opinionated so therefore they may want to avoid taking his class if they can't hack that) went on a rant about the president, comparing him to Hitler.

Here's what you are saying...

"I'm proud of the young man that taped the teacher comparing President Bush to Hitler, but terribly disappointed in the students that are supporting the teacher. There is no comparison between President Bush and Hitler. Hitler killed 6-million innocent Jews, he taxed his own people beyond their means, he outlawed the arts and religion, was a terribly deranged man who ended up killing himself. If these young students want to model themselves after someone they would do well to find out a bit more about our president. Thank God one of the students has his head on straight."

I wondered why a geography teacher was delving into a topic (post State of the Union analysis) that fits in political science or history classes. How easy is it for 10th graders to formulate their own political ideology? Particularly when you have a well-liked, "cool" teacher force-feeding you HIS very biased ideology. College level is one thing — but high school?!?!

Frances from Ohio thinks this behavior is perfectly acceptable...

"Teaching the concept of ethnocentrism is a completely valid topic in a geography class. The teacher was not badmouthing Mr. Bush, rather he was pointing out to the students the elements of any ethnocentric political speech. Unfortunately, there ARE similarities between popular and unpopular leaders' manipulation of an audience by use of emotionally charged references to ethnocentric themes. Certainly, Bush is NOT Hitler, and the teacher made sure to emphasize this - but there ARE similar themes in their public speeches.”
Westlake, Ohio

In case you didn't hear what teach said:

"He (President Bush) started off his speech saying that America is the country that should dominate the world — it is our duty to use the military to make the rest of the world like us — sounds like the things Adolf Hitler used to say. Not saying Bush and Hitler are the same, obviously they're not, but there are some eerie similarities to the tones that they use. Very, very ethnocentric."

I love it. Jay Bennish, a 10th grade geography teacher, verbally pummels the president. "Not saying Bush and Hitler are the same, obviously they're not..." doesn't deflate the intended sting of the diatribe. Rather, it suggests TO ME (and argue with me on this point at that he KNOWS he's saying something he shouldn't say, something controversial, but is trying to give himself an out. I'm certain this will touch a nerve, so please rant away...

A horrible story out of New York City centers on a 24-year-old graduate student found murdered. Police say she was tortured. She left her friend at one bar at about 2:30 a.m., went to a nearby bar and was never seen again until police found her dead body the following night. Her hair had been chopped, her face was wrapped in some sort of tape, and she had reportedly lost fingernails in the fight for her life.

I will never understand how people can say, "she asked for it." I'm not saying the next e-mailer says this, but well, read this and then I'll rant...

"This just points up the inherent wisdom in keeping bars open all night. She obviously doesn't have a job to go to in the a.m., so her better judgment (gained in University) tells her she is not "hammered" enough by 3:30 am and should continue "bar hopping" for the rest of the EARLY MORNING HOURS ALONE!! (Night had technically passed.) I'm sorry this horrible thing happened to her, but I'm also sorry that the taxpayers have to pay police to search for a criminal that could have been denied a victim if she had gone home with her friend @ 3:30 a.m.
—Connie in AZ

I know others will agree with Connie. I don't. NYC is a town teeming with action at 2, 3 in the morning. People in NYC often start their evenings going out here at 10, 11, even midnight. And in many cases, they're getting dinner —THEN going out barhopping. She was a 24-year-old living the life in New York City, and she made a terrible mistake staying out alone at a late hour in a vibrant, but often times, dangerous city. It was reckless, but it was a mistake MANY of us have made. We don't know if she was attacked near the bar, in some alley or in a cab. She just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the crazy weather if you're here in the Northeast and please write me at I do try to respond to as much e-mail as possible.


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