Hospital's IV Error May Cost 2-Month-Old Baby His Arm

A 2-month-old boy in the hospital on New Year's Day for hernia surgery may lose his arm because hospital staff did not immediately notice an intravenous needle slipped from a vein and began pouring solution into his arm.

By the time staff at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis realized the error, the boy's arm was swollen with IV solution, according to a report from 6News at

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"They touch his arm, he cries. He's in pain," the boy's aunt, Norma Correa, told 6News.

Hospital staff addressed the swelling when it was noticed, and the surgery was performed. The boy was still at the hospital Tuesday.

Hospital staff said in an email that the error should have been found earlier and that it is working to re-educate its staff regarding protocol for intravenous treatment. The family is considering legal action and hopes the boy will keep his arm, Correa added.