Hoping the 'French Spider-Man' Falls

Remember that French daredevil who scaled the New York Times building? His message was that more people die from climate change in one week than did during 9/11.

Now, not only is that pure bullcrap, his lurid comparison also insults anyone who lost someone during that tragedy.

But this also illustrates the egoism of environmentalists: It's not about facts, it's about a need to be seen as thoughtful.

After Alain Robert scaled the building, he was arrested and released on bail. But then another guy, Rey Clarke, attempted the same climb, this time to bring awareness to the plight of malaria. He was dragged off to a mental institution.

So let's get this straight: One man climbs a building, to protest a hypothetical catastrophe, while insulting every New Yorker, living and dead, and he walks. Then another man attempts to bring attention to a real problem, malaria, which kills millions of kids a year, and he gets locked up.

What the hell is wrong here?

I'll tell you: The people responsible for the deaths of millions of children ARE people like that asinine Frenchman. After all, it was the environmental movement that pushed for the ban of DDT — the only known 100-percent method of destroying malaria and saving lives.

So the next time Alain Robert tries to climb something, pray that he falls and falls hard — into a recycling bin. He's so full of crap, he'd make great compost.

And if you disagree with me, then I will send you all of my body hair in a manila envelope via certified mail.

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