Hope vs. Fear

God save me from hearing the candidates argue about the politics of fear (search) versus the politics of hope (search) Thursday night. I hope nobody goes there, but I'm fearful they will because that is a stupid choice.

I pick fear, fearlessly.

Why would I pick hope?

Does it make sense to hope Usama bin Laden (search) won't hit us again? I'm afraid he will, so I want to bomb some caves.

Does it make sense to hope Saddam Hussein (search) wasn't a threat to me and you? I was afraid he was a threat, so I thought the invasion was a very good idea.

Does it make sense to hope terrorists will be happy if we sort things out and leave? I'm afraid not. I'm afraid they'll chase us back here anyway.

This politics of hope business is for happier times. We're not there right now.

We are in the politics of fear time and, if you're not afraid you are either in denial, or stupid.

I'll admit it: I'm afraid and I'm angry. I keep a sharp eye out for these nasty people who want to come here and blow things up. I do. And not only that, I expect one or two of them will get through and do their dirty deeds because we can't be perfect and get them every time.

Look at what they did in Baghdad Thursday: Blew up a car where American soldiers were handing candy to school kids. These are Arab kids and Arabs are blowing them up. What do you think they would do to your kids if they got half a chance?

They want to kill us. They want to kill you. And they haven't given up.

That's My Word, neither hopeful nor fearless, at least for the moment.