Hooters Chief Says He'll Give FEMA $200 for Fraudulent Bottle of Dom

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The Hooters restaurant chain has a $200 check ready for FEMA, reimbursement for a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne bought with Hurricane Katrina relief money.

FEMA will be happy to have the money back.

The champagne, purchased in San Antonio, was among numerous examples of improper spending of hurricane relief money cited earlier this week by Congress' Government Accountability Office. The bogus spending could be as high as $1.4 billion, the GAO said.

"It bothers me as an American that resources that were intended to help victims of this tremendous tragedy were spent this way," Hooters chairman Bob Brooks said in an announcement from Atlanta. "Even if it's in my restaurants it's still not right. If FEMA will let me know where to send the check I'll get the $200 out right away."

FEMA spokesman Aaron Walker responded, "We will more than welcome the check from Hooters and appreciate their recognition in helping true disaster victims."

Following Katrina, Brooks sent one of his Hooters Air 737s loaded with supplies into the Gulf Coast disaster area. The restaurant chain also donated $225,000 to the Red Cross Katrina relief fund.

Walker said the check for the champagne should be made out to the U.S. Government-FEMA.

Here's the address, Mr. Brooks:

Office of the FEMA director
500 C St. SW
Washington DC 20472