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SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: This is shocking video taken of the deadly shooting that happened inside the Trolley Square Mall in Salt Lake City, Utah, Monday night. That's the incident in which five innocent people were killed.

Jaron Dansie, who is a wedding videographer, he works at the Trolley Square Mall, was inside the mall at the time, 20 feet away from the shooter. He caught all of this on videotape.

And joining us now is the man that filmed the shooting. Jaron Dansie is with us.

Wow. First of all, you're 20 feet away. The guy is killing people in the mall. And you thought to put on your video camera. Tell us how that happened.

JARON DANSIE, WITNESS OF MALL SHOOTING: Well, not at first. When I first saw him it was kind of a shock and surprise that the shooter was actually there.

I lucked out, because when I saw him he was actually looking away, loading more shells into his gun.


DANSIE: And so I saw him, you know, I snuck back into the store and went to the back at first.

HANNITY: Now this is the police we're seeing here. First of all, it shows just how brave and courageous these guys are. They don't know where the shooter is at this particular moment, but you actually caught the shooter himself, correct?

DANSIE: I saw him. He's never on video. When I finally picked up my camera, he'd moved down the hallway, but we didn't know where he was at. And you know, that's the main thing, is there was that constant risk of if he was going to come around the corner and shoot me.

And the cops went right in and found him and took care of business.

HANNITY: Yes. Now, you heard the shots, and did he see you when you were only 20 feet away from him?

DANSIE: Luckily, no, and that's probably why I'm alive.

HANNITY: Let's talk a little bit about all the other people in the mall and what you saw them doing once these shots started ringing out.

DANSIE: Well, when I first heard a couple of shots. I looked — I didn't know what it was. I didn't know if it was scaffolding falling or...

HANNITY: By the way, we hear those shots on video. What are we hearing? Is that when the cops shot him?

DANSIE: Yes. The first probably 5 to 10 shots, there's a mix of the shooter shooting his shotgun and the police firing at him. Towards the end it's the assault rifles of the other cops that came in to help out.

HANNITY: Yes. Now, and you're standing right outside, and you're watching these guys. They were literally 20 feet away from you, and they were firing at him down the mall.

DANSIE: Yes. You know, and you can see on the video, I'm kind of scatterbrained. You know, just a scary moment. And I wanted the video but obviously stay back inside and out of the line of his sight and the cops.

So — but you hear those gunshots ring and just — you know, it's eerie. It's still eerie to see it.

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Hey Jaron, it's Alan. You heard a victim at one point shouting, "Stop, stop. Don't shoot.” Right?

What are you thinking at that moment?

DANSIE: Yes. After I called 911 I came back out front, and then he was still standing in front of their store next door, shooting. And I heard the gentleman say, "Stop, stop. Don't shoot, don't shoot." And then the shooter fired two more shots.

And, you know, so right over the other wall next door, four people were killed. And so I'm certainly lucky to have not been one of them.

COLMES: Were you thinking at any point, "I've got to get out of here?"

DANSIE: You know, I didn't want to run down the hallway. Very first people scattered, but once he was standing in front of the store, I spent a little bit of time in the back room taking shelter. But, you know, as you see on the video, I was trying to take shelter but video what I could.

COLMES: Were you trapped?


COLMES: You had — I mean, you had no place to go?

DANSIE: Yes. And I — you know, it was a relief to see the cops come in. And you see at the start of the video where they identify him that he's still in the mall. And at that point my heart jumped again that he was still there.

But yes, all those gunshots, it just was frightening. And I know how scared I was, and the cops went right in there. And the cops...

COLMES: You got a really close-up look at what cops go through every single day and the inherent danger in their job, the potential for that danger at any moment, right?

DANSIE: Yes. Exactly.

COLMES: What did that tell you or teach you about police officers? You saw up close what they have to experience.

DANSIE: Well, definitely. They don't — they don't just write tickets. I mean, they definitely put their life on the line and are out there to save ours. It's not just a profession. They obviously are showing their high character and care for the society.

COLMES: If you did this over again, what would you do differently? Would you have done exactly what you did, stay where you did? Do you relive this in your mind?

DANSIE: Yes, I mean, when I go to bed at night, that's the circumstance. It's all the what ifs: what if he shot me or what if he came in? Could I have stopped it?

But you know, I think if I had to do it again, just in the mode of panic, probably would have done about the same.

HANNITY: Well, you gave us a little bit of insight in just what a harrowing and difficult experience it was for everybody there. And we're glad that everything worked out for you. And our thoughts and prayers are with Salt Lake City families who lost loved ones there.

Thank you for being with us.

DANSIE: Thank you so much. Appreciate it.

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