Holy Carp: Man Catches What May Be Biggest Fish of Its Kind at 92 Pounds

An Illinois man who fishes with a bow and arrow made the catch-of-a-lifetime in the Mississippi River.

Darin Opel snagged himself a 92-and-a-half-pound, 62-inch carp near Alton, Mo., that he calls “a little monster,” MyFOX St. Louis reported.

Opel’s Sunday catch may be the largest carp ever reeled in by a recreational fisherman, and he claims it is the biggest ever caught using a bow and arrow.

A fish biologist from the U.S. Geological Survey told MyFOX St. Louis that Opel's prize is one of the largest carp caught in recent history, but doesn't yet know if it has broken any records.

The carp is so huge, said Opel, that at first his fellow fishermen thought it was a log.

"It was like one of those instantaneous things," Opel told MyFOX St. Louis. "I threw the bow down and in the water I go. And I grabbed him by the gill, bear-hugged him and started fighting him against the rocks."

Opel has caught thousands of fish with his bow and arrow, but does it purely for sport. He will not be eating his giant catch, as, ironically, he is allergic to fish.

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