Hollywood, Here I Come!

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Good to be back in studio today as I get set to head off to Los Angeles for some "American Idol" finale fun. Monday was a compelling show because the topics were so diverse: from how to get a resume that works to Jimmy Carter's disrespectful comments about President Bush. Some here may think President Carter is of little importance, but the rest of the world seems to laud him and when he rips the administration it resonates with the "I Hate America" crowd.

Although I am the sports guy, I am not a big IndyCar guy — but you just have to like the three superstar drivers set to compete in the Indy 500 Sunday. We had Helio Castroneves, Dario Franchitti and Tony Kanaan on this morning and I will tell you they just oozed charm and integrity — I hope they made the same impression to you in your living room.

Senator Hutchinson was kind enough to make a rare studio appearance to talk immigration — to say this bill is getting some criticism is to say there isn't much animosity between the Yanks and Red Sox. It's going to be a wild emotional debate that already saw two Republicans exchanging harsh words in Senator John McCain and Rudy Giuliani. As long as the Republicans are beating each other up, look for the Democrats to stay on the sidelines. I just hope both sides fund the troops before Memorial Day or else every lawmaker will have trouble attending any local salute to the troops parade

Meanwhile, our Salute to the Troops Tour continued last Friday as I met the fine people at Maxwell Air Force Base. It's all part of my book tour because I sign "It's How You Play the Game" at 30 percent off later in the day. It was also great to meet the wonderful of people of Birmingham. Thanks to all of you for coming out and it was a thrill for me to meet you. This week, it's out to L.A., but I'm heading to Texas, Florida, Ohio and Tennessee — hope to see more of you in person there! The book was written with Father's Day/graduation in mind and if I am not coming to your state or city, please go to www.briankimeade.com register and your order will come to a bookstore near me. By the way, the latest tour dates are on site as well.

Thanks so much for keeping us No. 1!


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