History Will Shame Saddam Hussein's Defenders

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Do you know why we're screwing around with the U.N.? To save British Prime Minister Tony Blair. That's why, and it's the only reason why.

That's a decent reason, by the way. Blair has taken some huge rockets lately — mostly in the back from his own folks — for sticking up for America's tough stance on Saddam Hussein .

So it's loyal of President Bush to at least try to help out a guy who's done so much to help him. For that, he should be applauded.

But after that, it's a wasteland.

Did you hear the French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin today? He actually believes good diplomacy is behind the tiny bones of disarmament Hussein's been throwing at us these last few days.

This is not going to sound very diplomatic, but that was an unbelievably stupid thing to say.

Nothing could be more obvious than the fact that the little Hussein has been giving us is because 250,000 soldiers are aiming their guns and cannons and missiles and bombers at him, and oh yeah — they are all on a hair trigger.

I am astounded that his voice was not drowned out by laughter. Diplomacy has made Hussein disarm? What a howler!

In fact, the number of our allies who have managed to talk themselves into the most twisted positions just so they could declare Hussein compliant is stunning.

Bush is right to make them vote. Let their vote on this lying, bloodthirsty dictator go on the record for everyone to see for all of time.

So what happens if we have the world against us? A lot of French people will wring their hands and say how awful it is, as will others...

But, here's a news flash: They are going to be against us always unless we do what they say. Anybody who wants to take orders from the French should just go live in France. It won't be quite so humiliating that way.

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