History Teaches That Evil Is Patient

What if it had succeeded?

What if that Mercedes loaded with gasoline, propane gas and nails had gone off? Or this second Mercedes had done the same thing?

Officials in London say a lot of people would have likely died, certainly more than were killed in those terrorist attacks in that very same city two summers ago. But it didn't happen — the good guys won. Or maybe the good guys just got lucky.

No matter, the bad guys didn't get to do what they wanted to do. But that doesn't mean they haven't stopped trying.

Indeed, if history teaches us anything, it's that bad guys are patient.

Good guys, sometimes forgetful.

Bad guys remember their failures, like "not" bringing down the World Trade Center in 1993. And good guys rejoice at those failures. Bad guys just get back to hatching bad things.

So while we move on with our lives, they return to finding a way to end them. Even if it means waiting eight years to hit some buildings or two years to hit some Londoners.

Even if they fail and keep failing, fumble and keep fumbling, they're in no rush.

We are.

We're the ones with the short-term memories. We're the ones who think dodging a bullet, means the gun is no longer loaded.

But it is and it's pointing at us.

And we're the ones subjected to candidates who debate whether terror really exists at all or is simply nothing more than a bumper sticker.

Until we're bumped and hit and, sadly for some, dead.

Reminded all over again, that the evil we fail to address has a funny way of never forgetting ours.

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