High Stakes, California Style

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Yesterday, it was Kobe Bryant (search). Today it's Arnold Schwarzenegger (search). Notice a pattern here?

Famous people from Los Angeles doing things that cause a lot of people to watch, just to see what happens.

In Bryant's case, he may have committed a crime and he may wind up in jail.

Schwarzenegger's has his eyes on a job that would put him in  charge of the most populous, the richest and the most indebted state in the nation.

High stakes in both cases.

Schwarzenegger can run a campaign of total saturation on television because people want to see him, and the cameras will follow.

But the overall question is why is there going to be a recall election in California?

Because Schwarzenegger is right about one thing. Special interests (search) control the legislature. That's why there are so many propositions on the ballot every time there is an election in California.

Voters are frustrated. They can't get legislation through the Capitol because the special interest money gets there first. So the voters go directly to the ballot. Remember, the FBI once raided the state capitol in Sacramento looking for evidence of payoffs.

So that's why there was a recall. Californians have been signing petitions to put one thing or another on the ballot for 30 years. This was just another petetion drive.

But it's also an example of just exactly what Schwarzenegger was talking about. Cleaning up California involves devising a money detection machine attached to a vacuum cleaner, and then getting it into the state capitol.

Schwarzenegger's on the move. It will be interesting to see if he can win, and if he can do something about the special interest money.

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