Hi-Tech Underwear Checks Your Blood Pressure

A new kind of men’s underwear is being designed to pick up information about arterial blood flow and blood pressure, reported London’s Daily Mail.

The underwear has at least four sensors in the waistband and would determine how fast blood is flowing through the arteries, according to the newspaper.

The technology would not work as well in women’s underwear because the waistbands would be too thin to accommodate the equipment.

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Electrical signals can easily pass through the electrodes once there is natural sweat on the skin to conduct electricity.

A tiny device known as an accelerometer would track the man’s activity – whether or not he was walking, running or sitting – and this would explain for the sudden changes in his blood pressure readings.

By the end of the day, the data would be sent to a monitor worn on the man’s belt and downloaded onto a doctor’s computer for analysis.

The “smart pants” are being developed by Philips as part of a larger initiative to use clothes to monitor health. Scientists are developing a bra that could detect breast cancer at the University of Bolton, and Italian firm Smartex made a tee-shirt that has a built-in heart-rate monitor, according to the Daily Mail.

Philips has applied for a patent for the idea, according to New Scientist magazine.

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