Heard in '04: The Year's Wacky Catchphrases

Yes, there were others, but "snaparazzi," "stalkarazzi," "vlogging," "freegan" and "Joementum" just didn't make the cut. Here's FOXNews.com's list of the wackiest catchphrases we found ourselves actually saying in '04:

"You're Fired"

They’re the words everybody hates to hear, yet now everyone loves saying, thanks to The Donald’s signature delivery on “The Apprentice.” Indeed, whoever wasn’t going as far as wearing a “You’re Fired” T-shirt this year was practicing the accompanying hand motion around the water cooler.


He really, really didn’t want this nickname (and even tried to joke his way out of it during the debates), but thanks to Team Bush, John Kerry (search) became inextricably associated with a plastic beach shoe. And his detractors had a lot of fun using the term over — and over — and over again.

Wardrobe Malfunction

Also known as Nipplegate, Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl “costume reveal” gone wrong has made the term “wardrobe malfunction” part of the pop-culture lexicon. You can even use it in everyday life, i.e., "Sally had a major wardrobe malfunction at the party last night."


The official word for a socialite-type who isn’t really famous for anything other than being famous. Examples No. 1, 2 and 3: Paris Hilton (search).


A romance that develops on a reality show, such as Amy and Nick on “The Apprentice" and Rob and Amber on "Survivor."


A variety of words that have been created to include all the major December holidays and thereby avoid offending anyone; also great for people who celebrate more than one holiday. Some say it's a major breakthrough for tolerance and inclusion; others complain that the PC fanatics are at it again.

"That's Hot"

Paris Hilton’s “Simple Life” catchphrase is on everything from T-shirts to baseball caps, and capturing the heiress' bored, sarcastic, nasal tone is almost a national pastime.

"He's Just Not That Into You"

It’s a line from “Sex in the City” that became a best-selling book that’s becoming a movie, but more importantly, “real people” have adopted it to inform their friends of the harsh truth: sometimes, he’s just not that into you.

Economic Girly Men

In the heat of the election, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (search), R-Calif., proclaimed that Democrats were Economic Girly Men, and everyone waving a pair of flip-flops in the air was soon touting the term. Many were offended, but Arnold refused to apologize.

Last but not least … Deaniac

The unique term for a person — read: liberal, under 30 and politically active — who was excited by Howard Dean's campaign for the Democratic nomination. But Dean proved to be a bit of Deaniac himself in his infamous “I Have a Scream” speech, and now he may be going to New Hampshire ... and South Carolina ... and Oklahoma ... but only on vacation.

Keep reading FOXNews.com to see what words wind up on the '05 list. Until then, a moment of silence for "Bennifer" and "metrosexuals."