Health Officials Refuse to Pull Plug on Woman in Coma for 16 Years

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Despite a court order, Italian health officials are refusing to pull the plug on a woman who has been in an irreversible coma for 16 years, the Daily Mail reports.

Beppe Englaro, the father of Eluana Englaro, 35, has campaigned for nine years to have the machine keeping his daughter alive turned off, according to the report.

Eluana Englaro has been in a coma since a 1992 car accident. In July, a court in Milan sided with Beppe Englaro, who claims his daughter never wanted to be on life support.

Despite the ruling, Eluana Englaro, who is in a Lecco, Italy clinic, remains hooked to a life support system with health officials claiming it would go against their "professional duties and obligations" to let the woman die.

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