Heads Should Roll Over Eastern Michigan University's Cover-up of Coed's Murder

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Yesterday Douglas Kennedy reported on the situation at Eastern Michigan University in which a coed's murder was covered up by the university so thoroughly that the girl's father said he didn't even know he was burying a murder victim until two months after the funeral.

Think about that. Your kid is murdered in her dorm room at college and the university president and his minions don't tell you — the parents — or the campus community and the reason is, well, there hasn't been much of a reason given actually.

Now the cops knew they had a murder. They were looking for the killer. Why the facts around the death of Laura Dickinson didn't come out through the investigating police agency also has me a little baffled. But the university's role covering up the murder is clear. The university let it pass as a natural death. The president of the university, Dr. John Fallon, apologized and said he'd never let it happen again.

Well that's good to know. How many murders does he think he might have on the campus of Eastern Michigan that he might be tempted to pass off as natural causes deaths? He blames a university official below him for not telling him it was a murder.

Let's see. The scene goes like this: We're in the university president's office and the dean of something or other comes in and says: "Mr. President, a student has died." And the president says: "That's a shame. Where are we going to put the library building?"

It seems to me absurd that the president of the university is saying he didn't know. He should have known, and if he didn't know he should be fired. If you are in charge of the university it is a basic requirement that you know if one of the students has been murdered. It's bad enough a student dies, but it is much, much, much different if the student was murdered. Anybody knows that.

So why do university officials seem to have been unclear? We have seen instances of the academic world needing a good shaking up in other areas, but if they are really so dense as to not understand that a murderer on the loose on campus is something students need to know, those academics should simply be fired and removed from their offices immediately.

That's My Word.

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