He Said, She Said: Carrie Prejean, Pageant Executive Speak Out

Following a week of bitter feuds, former Miss California Carrie Prejean and pageant executive Keith Lewis spoke out on allegations regarding the beauty queen's firing.

Lewis told FOX News' Kimberly Guilfoyle on "Geraldo at Large" that he denies Prejean was fired over her political views and rebukes any report that her departure was the direct result of his actions.

"She was fired after everyone exhausted their patience and exhausted their abilities to keep giving her forgiveness," said Lewis.

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Lewis says Donald Trump, owner of the Miss USA pageant, looked at the facts and came to the conclusion that the situation was not working — especially after she was given a second chance when questionable photos of her surfaced last month.

"The hardest thing about firing her was that I believe it was exactly what they wanted. This script wouldn't even sell in Hollywood it's so unbelievable. And since I have nothing to gain from firing her, and she has everything to gain ... to say it's her beliefs that got her fired, that's why we're hearing this story," said Lewis.

Lewis agreed that Prejean didn't "miss" any appearances — but also says she didn't agree to any.

Prejean, who also appeared on "Geraldo at Large," stood by her belief she was stripped of her title due to her political views.

"They are not going to tell the truth on a lot of things. I've heard I've missed 52 missed appearances. Since the press conference was only a month ago, that would be two a day," said Prejean.

She also says Lewis asked her to give him a "response in writing" over a Playboy partial nudity photo shoot — a request that "absolutely shocked" her.

Prejean also said Lewis would not allow her to make appearances she wanted, such as the Special Olympics, forcing her to call Trump daily.

"Donald Trump was tired of being in the middle," said Prejean.

Prejean came under fire for her answer to a question about gay marriage two months ago in the Miss USA pageant, in which she was the runner-up. After the pageant, Prejean was continuously attacked as she defended her belief that gays and lesbians should not be given the right to marry in California. She became embroiled in more controversy when racy pictures of her were published that some construed as violations of her Miss California contract.

After a highly publicized press conference, Trump allowed her to keep her title, despite the photos — but it was taken away a month later after pageant executives said she failed to live up to her obligations as Miss California.

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